Please read all information and guidelines before submitting this form by using the link below. 
                                    Guidelines and Information

Along with the required form, please attach photographs and drawings that illustrate what you are planning.  All supporting documentation must accompany request.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that:

  1. A) Entering easements is not advised and if I choose to do so, I do so at my own risk and expense – as the Board of Directors approval of my project is solely on factors such as, and not limited to: materials, construction, aesthetics, and harmony with the surroundings.
  2. B) In case of an application for modifications which will enter an easement, it is my responsibility to determine the need and provide copies of any and all permits or variances required by any local or county municipalities with my application.
  3. C) ALL required documents listed above shall be submitted before the review and application process can begin and that without written approval, no work or construction shall begin prior to the end of the 90 day approval period, which commences upon the receipt of all required documents.