Rental Amendment

Dear Homeowners,

At the last COA meeting, it was proposed that we amend our governing documents to allow zero rental properties. We have brand new buildings and have been working hard to upgrade the surrounding property. We feel that our community will be better served if it is 100% homeowner occupied.
Currently, there are 21 rental units in Mapleton, which is 12.5% of the units. Please note that as per the current amendments to the governing documents, changing this percentage will not affect the current investment property owners as they will be automatically grandfathered in agreement WITH these amendments. The Board will also retain the ability to approve a request from a current homeowner for their property to become a rental if needed, so it does not automatically prohibit current homeowners from renting out their property. The process will remain the same.

We are currently in a highly competitive market and we feel this would also allow more families a chance to own a home.

Kindly return your completed ballot to our management company. Please call M Group at 317-207-4281 with any questions you have regarding this ballot. 

Mapleton COA Board of Directors

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